Photos of a trip to the USA
October 2010
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monument9379 monument9381 monument9400 bryce9723 bryce9726 bryce9732 bryce9736 bryce9738 bryce9741
bryce9742 bryce9745 bryce9747 bryce9749 bryce9753 pronghorn2611 pronghorn9839 pronghorn9838 bryce2730
bryce2732 bryce2745 bryce2750 chipmonk9912 chipmonk9886 zion2761 zion9953 zion9961 zion9965
zion9970 zion9975 zion9977 zion9980 zion9984 zion0002 zion0006 zion0007 zion0008
zion0014 zion0020 zion0025 zion0034 zion0042 californasister0032 greatspreadwing9994 lesser9931 lesser0208
lesser0153 whitecrowned0121 whitecrowned0118 house0093 house0138 house0157 hercules2789 hercules2773