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Andy getting down and dirty

Born in Marden, Kent, Andy lived on a mixed farm; where he got most of his wildlife experiences and passion, watching wildlife.  In my early twenties took up birding as a full time hobby, joining the RSPB and the Kent Ornithology Society.

When our children were of school age Carole and Andy started a Young Ornithologists Club at the local junior school. We did this for three years, which the boys Mark and Michael enjoyed.  We also spent family holidays bribing the boys to find new species on our travels.  Andy then went to the Loose Valley YOC as a leader for another three years. I joined the Maidstone RSPB group, as the outdoor leader and member of the committee for ten years.

Andy first started digi-scoping in early 2004, using a Nikon Coolpix 990 combined with a Swarovski ATS 80HD telescope with a 20-60 zoom lens. Early March 2005 I decided to go all the way and bought a Nikon D70. I also purchased a Sigma 50-500mm F4-6.3 APO and  Quantary macro 50mm lens. In August, not one to be satisfied easily, I decided to buy a secondhand Sigma APO 1:4.5D EX 500mm. Alas something had to go, my faithful Swarovski ATS 80HD and the 50-500mm Sigma lens. I also use a Manfrotto tripod with a Manfrotto 393 long lens bracket.

November 2007 I decided to take the plunge and buy the new Nikon D300. With 12 mega pixels there should be some improvements in my photography and the photos on my web-site. More recently Andy has brought a Nikon D80 as a back up camera,   also added a Nikon Speed lite SB600 to my collection. My lastest edition is a  Sigma 150mm Macro lens, and has given some excellent results.

Andy has donated photos to the Kent Trust for Nature at Tyland Barn, Maidstone for their quarterly magazine. In the summer I spend time in a local wood recording and photographing butterflies for a private survey.  Andy has just finished a project for Valley of Visions working through the seasons producing a photo library.



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