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My friend and photographer John Devries contacted me and asked if I would like to go Gloucestershire to see Large Blue. Not having seen this rare butterfly I jumped at the chance to visit a site near Cirencester. The Large Blue was extinct, reintroduced to UK and depends solely on Myrmica sabuleti ants to look after the pupa. Arriving at the site we had problems parking the car and finding the entrance but soon found a multitude of people roaming around the the hillside. Following the track to the main slope we found bee orchid growing by the path. It was not long before we saw Large Blues zooming around in the heat, photographing them was going to be fun. There was also a other species of butterfly which included Marbled White, Small Blue, Common Blue, Ringlet. We also had one other good find which Frog Orchid a new species for me in the UK. Although it was hot all day with a lot of clambering up and down it turned out to be quite a satisfying day.

large blue

Large Blue
large blue mating

Pair of Large Blue mating

marbled white

Marbled White with mites

frog orchid

Frog Orchid

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